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We have created the tools for clinical labs to apply genomics for the diagnosis and treatment of


Molecularly defining responders in Clinical Trials


Clinical trials in cancer patients are challenging. Failure rates are high. 

Serious adverse events can occur frequently. However, even when a minority of patients respond to therapy, genomics could identify those patients for personalized therapy.

We provide clinically translatable discovery genomics (DuoSeq), companion diagnostic development and FDA representation to enable the molecular definition of responders and patients at risk for significant adverse events.

DuoSeq: Clinical DNA and RNA sequencing


DuoSeq provides clinic-ready preparation of DNA and RNA sequencing libraries from a single specimen. Sequence whole exomes or selected gene panels (US FDA approval pending).

DuoSeq includes a complete solution for bioinformatics and variant annotation. This enables any lab with a sequencer to perform DNA and RNA sequencing without major investments in biocomputing infrastructure and personnel. 

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